Performance music sampler for Matt Bates

Song Notes

I Love You Now Like Before – This has a song form that follows a theatre form, five scenes and a prelude, each scene announced as part of the performance. The song lyric draws on the idea of life and love continuing, and returning, after loss. Things don’t have to end just because they go away.

Old Friend – The continuing love of a lost loved one.

Angel – Love as an unwavering connection.

I Just Want To Take You Home –  The stages of love. Attraction, Sharing Life, Commitment

Josephine – Dreams are realized and then new dreams take you further. The seed for this song is a painting by Manet.

Sign At The Side Of The Road – Traveling home from a museum project I’d see gospel signs in the fields here and there along the back roads of Grey County. The odd one said something that moved me and mixed in well to the good thinking time of driving home alone, at sunset, through beautiful countryside. Thoughts ebb and flow, appear and disappear.

Play In The Rain – A fun song, kids song even, about looking on the brighter side of life. Being together trumps being alone in rainy weather. Rain can be pretty fun.